The Denmark Community Foundation is a registered community charity that receives tax-deductible donations and bequests from the community. 


These are pooled in a community Fund, for the good of the community, forever.


The income generated from this carefully managed Fund provides a perpetual and growing source of money to meet the existing and emerging needs of the Denmark community.

Your donation can go to the Public Fund which aims to create opportunities for youth, support the aged and build community wellbeing. Alternatively, it can be directed in a specific way. E.g. a ‘named’ fund offering annual grants, scholarships or even for a specific project, initiative or cause.


All donations and bequests made to the Public Fund go to improving the Denmark community.


We believe this approach will achieve positive, long-term and sustainable change.

Buck UP!

We wholeheartedly thank these businesses for their support and commitment to the Denmark Community.

Next time you're shopping at IGA X-Press, Supa IGA or the Denmark Co-op, why not Buck UP for Denmark!

Add 1 dollar to your purchase to help the Denmark Community! 

Your donation will be used to:

  • Create opportunities for youth

  • Support our seniors

  • Improve community wellbeing


© 2020 Denmark Community Foundation (WA) Inc.

Mail us: 

PO BOX 1020 Denmark, WA 6333

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